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Sunset Ecstatic Dance & Cacao
Sunset Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Let the music move through you in an incredible space

Enjoy a safe space to dance wild & free on the soft grass and under the stars. Substance-free, we liberate authentic presence, without judgement of how we want to move or what may be moving through you.


Our next Ecstatic Dance event:

Thursday 8th September

7.15pm – 10pm

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Meet Anna-Lisa Drew – our co-host, your DJ

Anna-Lisa burst into the Ecstatic Dance scene of Spring 2020, having just learnt to DJ in the previous months, she came with a passion and purpose to bring dance, joy and connection back to the local community. 

Anna-Lisa finds transformational spaces to bring Ecstatic Dance to more people – and we’re lucky to be one of those.

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What to expect

We open every Ecstatic Dance evening with a heartwarming cacao ceremony around the fire. This is a chance to come together before we embark on our individual journeys.

After an evening of dancing under the stars through silent disco headphones, we come together once more for a sound bath in our cosy studio or Bedouin tent.

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Celebrate birthdays, friendships, and solo experiences

There is a perfect balance between those who come with friends and those who prefer to take the journey alone, by the end of the evening – there is a shared connection between us all.

An Ecstatic Dance is a unique way to spend a birthday or special day, and breathe new life into your dance.

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What to bring with you

  • Layers for warmth
  • A blanket and cosy socks for the sound bath
  • A bottle of water
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A transformational space

Our grounds have been designed and crafted by Lori, with love and care poured into every flower bed. Walk the secret pathways, feel the soil between your toes and dance amongst the flowers.

In between movements, you can always find a moment by fire to be still.